FERC Licensing of the Gile Flowage

Gile Dam FERC licensing process: On November 17, 2020 Xcel released its Preliminary Application Document (PAD) which is a first step in licensing the Gile Dam and Flowage. This large document outlines the proposed project plan and stated Xcel's intention to use a Traditional Licensing Process for the project. Project stakeholders, like FOG, had until mid-December to comment on the licensing process.

After polling the Board, the majority of you supported FOG submitting a letter to FERC requesting the Integrated Licensing Process (ILP) be used instead of the Traditional Process. The ILP requires more stakeholder involvement in requesting studies and resolution of issues in the relicensing process. A copy of FOG's letter is attached explaining our rationale. Other letters supporting the ILP process were submitted by the National Park Service, US Fish and Wildlife Service, American Whitewater Assoc, and private citizens. There were no letters of dissent from stakeholders on the ILP option.

Xcel countered these requests with a letter to FERC on 12/10/20 advocating for the Traditional Process.

FERC decides for the ILP Process: On 1/19/20 FERC denied Xcel's request and ruled that the Gile Dam licensing will be done under the Integrated Licensing Process (ILP).

Comments on Gile Dam/Flowage Scoping Process due 3/17/20.

On January 19th, FERC also issued a Scoping Document (attached) for the Gile project.

It is very important that FOG responds with recommendations on this document by the deadline. If you have any concerns, either send them directly to FERC or email them to me to include them our the FOG response. I will be contacting FOG Board members for approval to submit recommendations to FERC.

Licensing Timeline: The ILP carries different steps in the licensing timeline, but has the same target date of Aug. 2023 for Xcel to file its final licensing application to FERC. I've attached a copy of the project timeline to this point in the process. The date for FERC to issue the Gile license is Aug. 2025.

More information is available at: Gile Flowage | (hydrorelicensing.com)