FOG is open to anyone who is interested in the Gile Flowage!

Unlike some lake associations, membership in FOG is open to everyone! You do not need to be a flowage property owner, just someone who is interested in protecting and enhancing the Gile Flowage for now and future generations. We appreciate your support. Membership fees go directly to projects that enhance the Flowage's natural and recreational resources. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome!

Reminder: FOG Memberships are due January 1st each year

Click here to download the Membership Form. Note: Please mail your memberships to the address provided on the membership form. The email address indicated on the membership form is currently unavailable. Thank you.

Top 10 Reasons to Join F.O.G.

  1. Receive quarterly newsletters with information about the Flowage and FOG. Click on "Newsletters" to see what you are missing!

  2. Be part of the only active organization supporting stewardship of the Gile Flowage.

  3. Support and participate in FOG sponsored projects that directly benefit the Flowage such as fish crib construction, boat landing renovations, island cleanups, and special research and stewardship projects.

  4. Receive information and access to educational programs and resources about the Gile Flowage.

  5. Learn techniques to enhancement shore land property, water quality, fishing.

  6. Meet neighbors & friends who are interested in protecting and enhancing the Gile Flowage.

  7. Keep up to date on issues affecting the Gile Flowage.

  8. Learn the history and fun facts about this unique water resource.

  9. Participate in fun FOG Flowage events- like the Annual FOG Member Meeting held on the Saturday morning of Memorial Day Weekend.

  10. Find out about those fabulous Flowage fishing hotspots!